Business Organizing

Whether you are a CEO, a manager, or an independent contractor, you know that a disorganized office is costly to business.

You can eliminate the costs of disorganization and poor planning by collaborating with me. I help you tweak or revamp your office environment and time management so that you and your staff function more productively, with a professional image.


Organizing is not about the files; it’s about your bottom line.


“I have some ADHD issues that give me difficulty staying on task. I even had some systems in place to help me. One of my problems was the inability to ‘work’ the systems already created. This is where Helen came in. She helped change my thought process towards organization in my office setting. Although I am still a ‘work in progress,’ spending a few hours adapting her organizational skills proved tremendous. It would not be a waste of your time.”

--JP, Gainesville, FL



"If for some reason my employer were not willing to pay Helen for the time she’s helped me in my workplace, I would pay for it out of pocket. Her assistance has been invaluable.”

--SW, Gainesville, FL



“Helen helped me turn my 10’ x 12’ space into a workable, efficient, and, most importantly, welcoming area in which to face the less desirable aspects of my life. Thank you, Helen, for a cheerful, reasonable, non-judgmental experience that I can carry on with fresh confidence. Your input has been priceless to me.”

--JK, High Springs, FL