Coaching & Organizing Services

I am a trained life coach specializing in ADHD. When I started my career as a professional organizer years ago, I realized that many of my clients had some degree of ADHD that undermined their efforts to get and stay organized at home or work. These intelligent and creative people inspired my commitment to coaching. I now coach adults, young adults, and teens to find their own best strategies for living fuller, happier lives.

If you have young children whose behavior is out of control, I can coach you to create the structure at home and the relationships with teachers that your child needs. You will learn to implement new routines to help him or her develop better impulse control, focus, and social skills.

Consider coaching when

  • you see the big picture but are frustrated by details

  • you or your teen are facing an important life transition

  • you fear making decisions

  • you are unhappily employed or under-employed

  • you suffer from low self-esteem

  • you feel overwhelmed by everything