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I'm not Dumb

No, you’re not! How do you prove that to yourself and others?

Intelligence is not affected by ADD or ADHD, but teens and adults who have the condition often get a lot of criticism for not living up to expectations. Executive dysfunctions that show up in disorganization, lack of motivation and planning, and poor time management, cause failures and low self-esteem. A coach helps you target and defy the persistent, negative soundtrack running through your head by emphasizing your talents and achievements. You will learn to ignore old negative messages because you will have real evidence to support new-found confidence.

My friends are giving up on me!

You vow to remember appointments, to be on time, but old patterns keep you from being a good friend.
Poor impulse control wrecks relationships because when you are consistently late and forgetful, people think you’re selfish and inconsiderate. And they take offense when you blurt out uncensored but honest thoughts that would have been better kept to yourself. Adults and teens with ADHD and ADD need more self-awareness about how their behavior is perceived by others. Coaches explore concepts of social thinking to encourage the growth of healthy relationships.

I'm a mom with ADHD. Help!

Parents who have ADHD or ADD may feel out of their depth with children who share the condition. Keep smiling!
ADHD and ADD leave genetic trails through a family. You’re not alone in dealing with the challenges of a family in perpetual motion. I can recommend lots of organizations and literature to help you gain a better understanding of the structures and strategies that promote harmony and help get homework done. The literature is a great starting point, but working with a coach helps you target exactly the behaviors you want to change.

You're Just Lazy!

Teens and adults who don’t perform as expected aren’t lazy. Judging them doesn’t help.
Teens and adults who have ADHD know what’s expected of them and want to be productive and reliable. The biochemistry of their condition and the accustomed sense of failure may prevent them from trying to succeed in any activity that poses challenges for them. Coaches don’t set out to “fix” past problems. They focus on strengths to help clients take the first small step on a path that leads to success and achievement.

I have a million great ideas, but...

Creative, active minds sometimes get paralyzed by the details of getting it all done. Coaching gives you a reality check.


You often see more possibilities than you can handle, at least all at once. It’s helpful to slow down your powerful brain by considering the practical realities of what, when, and how much you can accomplish. Using your energy and enthusiasm for your top priorities will give you good results, along with practice in sequencing, scheduling, and assessing.

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