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Coaching & Organizing Services

I am a trained life coach specializing in ADHD. When I started my career as a professional organizer years ago, I realized that many of my clients had some degree of ADHD that undermined their efforts to get and stay organized at home or work. These intelligent and creative people inspired my commitment to coaching. I now coach adults, young adults, and teens to find their own best strategies for living fuller, happier lives.

If you have young children whose behavior is out of control, I can coach you to create the structure at home and the relationships with teachers that your child needs. You will learn to implement new routines to help him or her develop better impulse control, focus, and social skills.

Consider coaching when

  • you see the big picture but are frustrated by details

  • you or your teen are facing an important life transition

  • you fear making decisions

  • you are unhappily employed or under-employed

  • you suffer from low self-esteem

  • you feel overwhelmed by everything
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Organizing Services

No matter what your motivation, my organizing door is open. Together, we will find ways to refocus your habits. I can help you identify the skills and strategies you need to manage your time, schedule, and space so you can enjoy your home or office. Remember that organizing isn’t an end in itself. And it’s not about your “stuff.” Better organization leads you to the quality of life and the opportunities that will make your life meaningful and satisfying.
New skills improve:
  1. Productivity- Accomplish more at home, school, and work

  2. Organization- Structure and manage time

  3. Focus- Prioritize, make better decisions

  4. Quality of life- Reduce stress by reducing clutter

  5. Resourcefulness- Discover your own creative solutions

  6. Efficiency- Find things when you need them

  7. Independence- Meet deadlines, follow through

Residential Organizing


Business Organizing

Disorganized Home   Disorganized Business
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Business Organizing

Whether you are a CEO, a manager, or an independent contractor, you know that a disorganized office is costly to business.

You can eliminate the costs of disorganization and poor planning by collaborating with me. I help you tweak or revamp your office environment and time management so that you and your staff function more productively, with a professional image.


Organizing is not about the files; it’s about your bottom line.


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Coaching & Organizing Resources

When you are busy and distracted much of the time, you’re not inclined or able to do a lot of background reading. But the field of AD/HD research has led to a practical literature that will give you creative ideas to answer your needs. You can view the table of contents or indexes for these books on your favorite online sites to see if the subject matter appeals to you. A modest library of information could make a big difference in changing your outlook. When it comes to AD/HD, knowledge is power!

The resources listed here are only a small sampling of the topics available in the AD/HD literature:


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Residential Organizing

Your home may not be your castle if clutter is overwhelming and upsetting you. You can learn to reclaim your life, space, peace of mind, and a comfortable environment that creates positive, calming change.

 Organized Spaces

Together we will examine your tactics for dealing with your space and I will give you hands-on support to make the changes you want.


Organizing isn’t about your stuff; it’s about your life.