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At a Glance

As a coach, I believe that adults and teens who have ADD or ADHD are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.
I encourage my clients to change their focus from weaknesses to strengths as their key to reaching their goals.

"Where you’re headed is more important
than how fast you’re going.”

--Stephen Covey

What’s it like to work with a life coach? A life coach is a partner in your quest to live the kind of life you want.
Coaching is not about giving advice. You probably get plenty of that already from well-meaning people who want you to do things their way. Your coach helps you explore what you want, as well as strategies that allow you to do things your way.
A coach helps you identify
  • your values and strengths

  • situations and relationships that motivate and inspire you

  • assumptions, negative thinking, or excuses that discourage you

  • new perspectives, options, and opportunities
A life coach supports you while you experiment. You have to be willing to try differently because until now, trying harder may not have accomplished much. You will concentrate on feedback because there’s no failure in coaching. What works for you is what matters.

Professional Services

  • Life Coaching >

    What's it like to work with a life coach?

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  • ADHD Coaching >

    The future depends on what we do in the present.

    --Mahatma Gandhi

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  • Residential & Business Organizing >

    Your home may not be your castle if clutter is overwhelming and upsetting you. You can learn to reclaim your life, space, peace of mind, and a comfortable environment.

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  • Public Speaking & Teaching >

    I give classes and programs on a variety of coaching and organizing topics.

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