As a coach, I believe that adults and teens who have ADD or ADHD are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.
I encourage my clients to change their focus from weaknesses to strengths as their key to reaching their goals.

I'll do it later!

If you feel overwhelmed or hate paperwork, you need new strategies to beat procrastination.

I'm not Dumb

No, you’re not! How do you prove that to yourself and others? Intelligence is not affected by ADD or ADHD, but teens and...

I'm a mom with ADHD. Help!

Parents who have ADHD or ADD may feel out of their depth with children who share the condition. Keep smiling!   ADHD and...

I have a million great ideas, but...

Creative, active minds sometimes get paralyzed by the details of getting it all done. Coaching gives you a reality...

My friends are giving up on me!

You vow to remember appointments, to be on time, but old patterns keep you from being a good friend.   Poor impulse...

You're Just Lazy!

Teens and adults who don’t perform as expected aren’t lazy. Judging them doesn’t help.   Teens and adults who have ADHD...

Time Mastery: Empowering Young Adults for Success

Managing your time effectively is essential in today's fast-paced world. Anyone has the potential to acquire the skill of effectively managing their schedules, calendars, deadlines, and goals. Using practical tips and tools, I help people prioritize tasks, stay focused, and take control of their time. Whether it's setting clear goals, using calendars and schedulers, or time blocking, I can help you master time management. Boost productivity, meet deadlines, and make your dreams come true.


Your Coach and Organizer

"She helped change my thought process towards organization in my office setting. Although I am still a ‘work in progress,’ spending a few hours adapting her organizational skills proved tremendous."

-- JP, Gainesville, FL
"I was constantly overwhelmed and struggling to stay on top of my tasks. Helen's practical tips and tools completely changed my schedule approach. Now I feel empowered and organized, able to navigate my daily routines and accomplish my goals."

-- BS, Newberry, FL
"Thank you, Helen, for a cheerful, reasonable, non-judgmental experience that I can carry on with fresh confidence."

-- JK, High Springs, FL
"If for some reason my employer were not willing to pay Helen for the time she’s helped me in my workplace, I would pay for it out of pocket. Her assistance has been invaluable."

-- SW, Gainesville, FL


I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to reach out and let you know about the services I provide. Please take a look at them and let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Do you consider Technology as a Help or a Hindrance?

Many people are overwhelmed by technology options and unable to manage life schedules?


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