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At a Glance

As a coach, I believe that adults and teens who have ADD or ADHD are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.
I encourage my clients to change their focus from weaknesses to strengths as their key to reaching their goals.

Do you consider Technology as a Help or a Hindrance?

Many people are overwhelmed by technology options and unable to manage life schedules?

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What our customer say about us


She helped change my thought process towards organization in my office setting. Although I am still a ‘work in progress,’ spending a few hours adapting her organizational skills proved tremendous.-- JP, Gainesville, FL
Thank you, Helen, for a cheerful, reasonable, non-judgmental experience that I can carry on with fresh confidence. -- JK, High Springs, FL
If for some reason my employer were not willing to pay Helen for the time she’s helped me in my workplace, I would pay for it out of pocket. Her assistance has been invaluable. -- SW, Gainesville, FL

"Where you’re headed is more important
than how fast you’re going.”

 -- Stephen Covey