Understanding ADHD

Adults and teens need to understand that ADHD is a neurobiological condition related to the production and distribution of certain brain chemicals. It’s an inheritable genetic condition. ADHD is not a character flaw or the result of bad parenting.
ADHD shows up in your everyday behavior as:
  • lack of focus

  • impulsivity

  • hyperactivity

  • inconsistency

  • poor short-term memory

  • procrastination

As an ADHD coach, I look for teachable moments when my clients recognize problems with executive functions—abilities to plan, focus, sustain effort, control emotions, use working memory, and regulate actions.
You can learn to use your creativity and native intelligence to devise new, personal strategies. That’s what David Neeleman, the owner of airline Jet Blue Airline, did when he created an electronic ticketing system. He has ADD and got tired of losing his paper ticket.
As your ADHD coach, I will help you develop strategies and skills to
  • sharpen working memory

  • reduce procrastination

  • regulate emotions

  • become more organized

  • be more aware of your behavior
When it comes to dealing with ADHD behaviors, the more you understand about the condition, the better prepared you will be to make the changes you want in your life or to help support a family member or friend. You can learn about ADHD through books and other resources. Click here to see a sampling of age-appropriate materials that I recommend to clients.