Move from Struggle to Strategy with Coaching

Coaching helps you reach your potential—academically, professionally, socially. A coaching relationship is based on your goals and the coach’s training to keep conversations focused on achievement rather than obstacles.

Coaching works for adults and teens who have ADHD because it
  • focuses on daily and long-range challenges

  • expands practical skills

  • increases motivation

  • deepens self-knowledge

  • builds self-confidence

  • improves organization and time management

Through coaching, you learn how ADHD affects your brain and some behaviors. Even if you take ADHD medication, you will realize that the pills don’t teach the skills you need to reach your goals. I will help you fill that gap.

Coaching also creates accountability and responsibility in a non-judgmental relationship. I encourage you to explore different perspectives and solutions, discuss new skills, and help you analyze what works and what doesn’t. You build new neural pathways in your brain that support positive thoughts and habits. You move from concentrating on what’s wrong to celebrating what’s strong.
Coaches are not therapists, who deal with unresolved emotional or interpersonal issues. We are not tutors, who are subject matter experts. Adults and teens may sometimes need a mental health practitioner to work out problem-centered issues.
Coaching is a grand adventure that leads to positive change in your life.